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The PAX 3 is one of the market’s leaders in portable vaporizers, and for good reason: it’s discreet, compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, and produces high-quality vapor.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Features

The vape is a handheld vaporizer with a conduction oven that can hold up to a third of a gram. It’s about four inches high and has a matte aluminum finish, with five different color choices. The overall appearance is sleek and discreet, making it easy to carry in different settings. One of the best features of the vape is its battery, which lasts an average of 90 minutes. The device uses motion and lip sensing technology to detect when you’re using it. It automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re not actively vaping and will automatically turn off after three minutes without use. This will save your battery life and your product. The PAX 3 also boasts that it reaches full temperature in 22 seconds, meaning you can start your session quickly.

 pax 3 complete kit

Do You Need the Complete Kit?

There are two ways to purchase the PAX 3 vaporizer: device only or complete kit. The device only option ($200) comes with a charger, flat and raised mouthpieces, standard oven lid, and a maintenance kit. The complete kit ($250) adds 3 screens, a multi-tool keychain, a half pack oven lid, and a concentrate insert. The concentrate insert is what gives the vape dual use capabilities. If you’re planning to vape concentrates or like to fill the oven partway, the complete kit is worth the money.


PAX 3 App

The vape uses Bluetooth that connects to an app that adds nuance. On the device itself, you can toggle between three temperature settings. Using the app, you can adjust the temperature to the exact degree you want. You can also choose between four preset heating modes: boost, efficiency, stealth, and flavor. There are other customization options for lights, haptic feedback, and device locking. You should keep in mind that since November 2019, Apple has removed all vaporizing apps from its store. If you have an iPhone, you will be unable to access the extra features in the PAX 3 app.

pax 3 acessories 

  • PAX 3
  • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord that plugs into your computer
  • Two interchangeable mouthpieces: one flat, already fitted with the device, and one raised
  • Two interchangeable oven lids: one standard already fitted on the device, and one half pack oven lid, for a smaller oven load
  • A concentrate insert for the oven, for extract compatibility
  • Three extra oven screens
  • A keychain multi-tool, for packing and filling the oven and removing the mouthpiece
  • A PAX maintenance kit with pipe cleaners and a wire brush for deep cleaning

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